Saturday, August 16, 2008

Great new CD from Joe Crookston

I've just heard a new CD, that you need to check out. It is by my friend Joe Crookston, who I met at the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance Conference. I've always liked his music, but this latest record is a step above what he's done before. The CD is called Able Baker Charlie and Dog. Before you wonder about the title, I won't ruin it, but the title cut is just a brilliant song that you need to hear.

Joe tells real stories about real people that he has met, he is a master storyteller. I am a storytelling songwriter, I suppose, but my stories are usually either autobiographical, or mostly made-up. Joe's stories are real, and you can feel the truth and it's relevance in the songs. 'Freddy the Falcon' is one of the best songs I've heard in years, I heard him play it at NERFA just after he had written it a couple years ago, and I've been humming it ever since, I'm so glad it's finally on CD. it's the story of a kid he met when he used to do work in a youth detention facility. Just a great story, even better because it's true.

In addition to 'Freddy The Falcon' and the title track, other standouts to me are 'Mending Walls' and 'Blue Tattoo'.

I highly recommend you taking a listen to this great songwriter, his website is you'll be glad you took the time.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

$4 gas, how about $40 CD'S?

I think if all musicians united, we could convince people that paying $40 for CD's is reasonable, and necessary. You see, if you understand supply and demand, you would realize that China uses so many CD's, there are less CD's available elsewhere.
And, while there may be millions, perhaps billions of rough CD's waiting to be turned into working CD's in Alaska and off the shore of Florida, none of us knows for sure exactly how long it would take to get all those CD's dug up and dusted off. Plus, we don't know how safe it is to dig for CD's, because what if a bunch of bad music escaped, and all of a sudden Michael Bolton songs were heard on the beaches of Florida, and nobody could stop it.
For another point, I have found recently that most people have never even heard of CD speculators. Congress really needs to step in and get these people under control!
Of course, while the majority of CD's will cost $40, there are a number of you who have very sensitive ears and stereo's, you will need to purchase plus, or perhaps premium CD's. Those will be $42 and $44 respectively.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Big times in Murphy, NC/Great Quotes

Had a great time at The Daily Grind Concert Series in Murphy, NC Friday night. I shared the gig with Greg Adkins, and we always have a great time performing together. We've done enough shows together that we can sometimes sound like a duo that has actually practiced. (which we haven't). We had some nice harmony vocals, Greg knows keyboard parts to a few of my songs, and guitar parts to some others, and I can play and sing on about half of his songs as well. If you haven't yet heard Greg's music, please go have a listen at, and I highly recommend getting a copy of his 'Chase The Western Sky' CD. (which has some of the most stunningly amazing harmony vocals in the history of recorded music). Here's a pitcure of us after about 3 iced mochas.

I have 2 great "quotes of the week" to share with you;

First, my wife and I were waiting in the ticket line at the movie theater to see Batman... There were a couple of college guys in front of us talking about the movies that were playing. One guy asked his friend if he intended to go see Mamma Mia! He summed up all of my deepest feelings about the idea of seeing that movie with his response.. He said, "Mamma Mia! Did you see the previews? I wanted to kill myself." Well said college guy.

Quote #2, came from a meeting of our homeschool group yesterday afternoon. My wife was talking to some friends, when this little nugget of wisdom appeared... "Kids are like Sponge Bob. Well, they're not yellow, but they absorb." Fantastic!