Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A great weekend in the Northeast

I spent 3 great days in the Boston area over the weekend. After my marathon 1200 mile drive, I began the tour at Rick's Music in Raynham, MA. We had a great crowd for the concert, and fundraiser for Homes For Our Troops. Please visit and consider supporting this wonderful organization.

Besides the concert, the highlight of my visit at Rick's was that it was my first time ever performing at a venue that had a signed drumhead by the drummer of Twisted Sister.

Thanks to Tom Irving for getting some photos of the night, and here they are.

On Saturday, we had a full house at the Open Book Coffeehouse, held at Canton Public Library in Canton, MA. Many thanks to Dan Chauvin who opened the show and provided the sound system. (

Sunday was a bit of a crazy day, started when I got some green donuts at Dunkin' Donuts. Why were they green?? I have no idea, I ordered vanilla frosted, and they were green.. maybe it's a Boston thing, I've no idea. (or ideer, as the locals say)

Sunday afternoon there was a Habitat For Humanity benefit at the Mozaic Room coffeehouse, and there was a ton of great music all day.. I got to hang out with Erik Balkey for a few minutes, and play my cover of his great song, 'Baseball In My Blood'. Below is a pic of me performing with my world famous harmonica at the Mozaic Room/Habitat Benefit. (Picture again courtesy of Tom Irving).

Sunday night, I went to a very unique little venue in Westford, MA called Parish Center For The Arts, which was an old church building turned into an arts center in a sleepy little New England town, a very nice setting for some folk music.

Monday night, I survived the big city! New York City was no match for the mad driving skills of the boy from Alabama. I drove straight into midtown Manhattan, and played an open mic at the Birdland Jazz Club, which is 2 blocks from Times Square. Christine Lavin invited me to the Birdland, she hangs out there most Mondays, and they have an extremely unique open mic, quite unlike any I've experienced before. It was mostly cabaret, broadway style singers, backed up by the house pianist and bassist. Only 4 people out of about 20 played the guitar, so that was unusual for me. It was great to spend some time with Christine Lavin, such a friendly, helpful, down-to-earth superstar.

I am in the DC most of this week, and I'll keep you posted on the goings-on in the nation's capitol.

Friday, April 20, 2007

8 states in a day

I'm writing from Rhode Island... If I stretch my arms out wide, I can reach both Connecticut and Massachussets from here!
I am starting my Northeast Tour tonight in Raynham, MA, I'm very excited about the gig tonight at Rick's Music, which will also be a fundraiser for 'Homes For Our Troops'.

It turns out it's a long way from Alabama to Massachussets... After driving to Knoxville Wed. night (for some 5-star accomodations at the Adkins household), I drove through no fewer than 8 states yesterday! Man, that was fun. Thank goodness for XM Radio and day baseball games. My wheels hit the pavement in Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. Today, we're adding Rhode Island and Mass, with Alabama and Georgia on Wed, for a 3-day total of 12 states. Just in case you're keeping track at home.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's Amazing the things you can buy.... for $12.99

My friend Shelley, up in Michigan, e-mailed me this photo today.. It was too good not to share it with you. Never underestimate the amazing things you can buy for $12.99!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Buy This CD Now – Benny Skyn, ‘Chewing On Broken Glass’

This is really a gem, and one that you have almost certainly never heard of. A few months ago when I was on the road with Greg Adkins, he played me a few songs by this guy Benny Skyn.. Greg used to see Benny at open mics around Knoxville. He described him as a rough old man with no pretention, no interest in the music “biz”, just a beat up old guitar and some great songs. Benny made a low budget recording back in 1994 called ‘Chewing On Broken Glass’. It’s all recorded just guitar and vocals, no fancy overdubs. It’s pretty hard to explain how good it is, but you need to buy it yesterday. His music is much rougher than what I normally listen to, but it really grabbed me. Some of it is absolutely hilarious, some of it is heartwrenching. There is a photocopied note on the back of the homemade CD cover from WUMB, the nations premier folk radio station. It was written by the station manager who listens to hundreds of CD’s a year, and was raving about this CD, just as I am.
There are hundreds of CD’s made everyday by singer/songwriters with moderate talent and high dreams and hopes. This one really stands out, by someone with extreme talent, and little desire to get lost in the singer/songwriter rat race.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Songwriter's In The Round

Had a great night at Eighth & Rail in Opelika Tuesday. There is a monthly songwriter series hosted by Martha's Trouble, and I played this week with Chris Rosser and Jeff Talmadge. Chris, who lives in Asheville, has long been one of my favorite songwriters. It was a thrill to play with him, he's an exceptional piano player as well as guitar. He's also a wonderful producer who has worked with many of my good friends. Check out his music at
Jeff Talmadge lives in Atlanta now, and is an americana songwriter with a great lyrical mind. He writes in a very unique style, that will remind you of something you've never heard before, but remember clearly. If that doesn't make sense, check out his music at and you'll know what I mean.
In addition to Chris and Jeff, bassist Don Porterfield also joined us on stage. Don lives in North Georgia and plays regularly with many of the best singer/songwriters, such as Pierce Pettis, Chuck Brodsky and Billy Jonas. He tours with Jeff quite often and has played with Chris before. He was nice enough to learn a few of my songs, and I loved his parts, it added a lot to the music. I'm hoping to get him on board again soon.

I hope you're enjoying the start of baseball season as much as I am, the Indians are off to a great start, heading towards the pennant already!