Wednesday, August 13, 2008

$4 gas, how about $40 CD'S?

I think if all musicians united, we could convince people that paying $40 for CD's is reasonable, and necessary. You see, if you understand supply and demand, you would realize that China uses so many CD's, there are less CD's available elsewhere.
And, while there may be millions, perhaps billions of rough CD's waiting to be turned into working CD's in Alaska and off the shore of Florida, none of us knows for sure exactly how long it would take to get all those CD's dug up and dusted off. Plus, we don't know how safe it is to dig for CD's, because what if a bunch of bad music escaped, and all of a sudden Michael Bolton songs were heard on the beaches of Florida, and nobody could stop it.
For another point, I have found recently that most people have never even heard of CD speculators. Congress really needs to step in and get these people under control!
Of course, while the majority of CD's will cost $40, there are a number of you who have very sensitive ears and stereo's, you will need to purchase plus, or perhaps premium CD's. Those will be $42 and $44 respectively.

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