Monday, September 08, 2008

$18.97 on E-Bay!!

I was looking for Bernie Kosar memorabilia on ebay tonight, and decided to check on Dave Potts items while I was there. My 2nd CD, 'Music In My Soul', which I don't sell anymore, and I joke about being a "collector's item", is on sale for $18.97. I'll be honest with you, it's probably not worth $18.97, but I sure hope someone buys it. Maybe a museum will want it.

By the way, if the $18.97 copy sells before you can get there, I have a couple boxes stuffed in a closet somewhere, and I will gladly sell you one for $18.96.

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Stephen said...

Dave!! Looks like Music In My Soul is going for $20.70 now on Ebay!! :)

When are you headed back to Atlanta?