Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Someone in Boston had a great weekend

Didn't quite work out for the Red Sox, but I had a great weekend tour in the Boston area.
I flew in Friday morning, and drove up to Topsfield, north of Boston. I played a great house concert series, hosted by Ashara who does a great job with the series. Making the show even better was being joined by Jenny Goodspeed, who some of you may remember as the harmony vocalist on my 'South Side Diner' and 'County Line Road' CD's. She is also a great singer/songwriter, and she did a wonderful opening set. During my set, she joined me for harmonies on '$12.99', 'One Mississippi', 'You're All The Stars I Need' and 'How Will You Remember Me.'
On Saturday, I headed down to Foxboro, Mass, home of the Patriots. I had one of my more enjoyable concerts in recent memory at the Chapel Meeting House. It was a beautiful little building, and pretty well full with about 40-50 people, and 5 different kinds of pie! I had a great time performing, making Bill Belichik jokes and eating desserts...The show was taped (doesn't everyone get taped when they go to Foxboro) for a local cable channel, and I'm hoping to get a copy of the show, and if I do, I'll be able to post some songs on the website.

Sunday, I met up with my friend Jud Caswell in Franklin, Mass for a house concert. Jud played some new songs which were great to hear, and we spent some time after the show talking about the state of the travelling singer/songwriter scene today and how it impacts us. I may get into some of that later.
After the concert, I went to Pizzeria Uno and polished off a deep dish pizza, which is always a good idea.

The pictures are from the Kick Off Your Shoes House Concert in Topsfield, Mass with Jenny Goodspeed, photos taken by Jenny's husband Erik Hofner.

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