Saturday, June 30, 2007

The omop by Method - Fantastic!

So, my wife bought a new mop for cleaning the kitchen floor. She got the omop, from a company called Method. I don't have any idea if it cleans well, but it is by far the best mop on the market today, hands down. Go buy one, whether you're in the market for a mop or not.

The instruction manual is priceless, I've just finished my 3rd full reading of it. I've put a couple photos from the booklet.

I was assembling the handle, when I began to notice the fun somebody had putting this all together. Step 1 of alingning poles says this; "align flat side of male pole with flat side of female pole (this sounds dirtier than it is)" It also worth noting that they officially named the little metal parts you have to push in, "metal doodads".

The inside of the booklet is all about how to use it and keep the floor clean, and it talks about the old saying 'a floor so clean you could eat off of it'. Well, a few pages in, it has a picture of a place setting set out on the floor with instructions where to put silverware, etc.

It goes on and on, and only gets better. Including step 3 of the ceramic tile cleaning page, "allow lovely aroma to conquer your olfactory senses and entice your palate (for food, not the cleaner)"

The fine print sections where it tells what their lawyers said they had to say is well worth pulling out a magnifying glass for as well.

I just can't tell you how impressed I am with this mop. Again, I have no idea if it does a good job cleaning floors, but does it really matter?


Art Modell is the devil said...

So where can I buy the omop? Wal-Mart? Auburn Hardware? The spiffy new has-everything-but-chicken Kroger at TigerTown?

I too appreciate a good user's manual. I still have one from an electronic backgamong game that I got 20 years ago. I've long since stopped playing the game (mostly because it cheats) but I still enjoy the manual, because of sentences like "Following to fix the attacking order, cast two dice in turn and move their respective men abiding by pips" and "When pass each other as white and black men are moved each opposite direction, the player has much thrills which can only be experienced by BACKGAMMON."

Of course, the omop people were trying to be funny.

A.M. is the D. said...

I can't believe I spelled "backgammon" wrong.