Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Last Comic Standing and how it relates to song contests

So, I was watching Last Comic Standing tonight, and I had an epiphany. (I always thought an epiphany would hurt, and maybe require stitches, but it wasn't bad at all).
The judging process for the show is a lot like the judging for the song contests that I'm always entering. Tonight I watched a bunch of people who have worked at their craft for years and years have 3 judges determine their fate, and either tell them they were good, or to go home. The thing is, some of the people who didn't move on to the next round were absolutely hilarious to me. What makes the 3 judges opinions more legitimate than mine or yours? When you see a stand-up comic, you will either find them to be funny, or you won't. No "expert" can tell me whether or not somebody's funny.
Now, just for the record, I am in no way opposed to the judging of comics or songwriters or any other group of artists, it's just that there's no such thing as better or worse, it's just one person's opinion vs. another.
And, my opinion is, that dude on the show who was talking about being hero, and beating some guy up in the bathroom, was just phenomenally funny. Now, I just need to find out his name, and send him an e-mail, or maybe a check for $10, cause darn it, he deserves it.

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