Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Big times in Florida

This summer has been pretty slow for me on the touring front, as summer usually is. I did, however, have a great trip down to Florida last weekend.
I made my first ever trip to the nation's oldest city, St. Augustine. Stu Weaver, host of 'Messages' on WFCF Radio set up a concert for me, sponsored by WFCF at Flagler College. They are hoping to make this a regular concert series, and from the turnout of the first show, I certainly think they should. It was a wonderful crowd, and I owe a lot of it to the promotion work of Stu, who also opened the show for me. His is a great singer/songwriter in addition to his radio work.

The next day, I drove down to Orlando to play at the Live at Leu Gardens Concert Series, put on by the Central Florida Friends of Folk. Many thanks to Doug Spears and Barry Brogan for getting me down there. My old friend Garrison Doles opened the show, and it was a treat to hear him again. Noteworthy from the Orlando show, is that a family drove up from West Palm Beach, a 3 hour drive, to see me perform. I am always quite humbled when someone enjoys my music enough to want to go that far out of their way to see me, thanks!

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