Saturday, August 18, 2007

Great music

I spent Thursday afternoon in Asheville, NC, singing harmony vocals for Greg Adkins new CD, due out this fall. I've never driven 5 hours to sing backup before, but then, there are not many songwriters I admire as much as Greg Adkins, and it is an honor to be on his CD. He's recording with Chris Rosser, who in addition to being a great singer/songwriter, is a highly regarded producer. From what I heard of the recording, this is going to be an awesome CD. (harmony vocal aside). I knew most all of Greg's new songs, from playing with him on a midwest tour earlier this year. There are some absolutely tremendous songs on this CD, notably for me is 'The End Of You And Me', which you may have heard me do a cover of recently.

The thing I was thinking about on the long drive home late Thursday night, is what is it that makes Greg's songwriting so good? Why does it speak to me more than other songwriters? One theory I've come up with, is that the place that his music fits in his life, is exactly the place where songs should come from... What I mean by that, is Greg writes and performs music because he loves doing it, not because he is trying to accomplish some ridiculous level of fame (like most singer/songwriters I know, occassionaly myself included). Greg has a great job that he enjoys, a wonderful family, and a strong faith, all of which are clearly more important to him that his music "career". Without that distraction of searching for fame or critical acclaim, he is able to write songs that matter to him, and write about the things that mean something to him.
The fact that he can write as well as he can from the technical side, and his music/vocal abilities are just good fortune on his side. Some people have it, and some people don't. But, there are plenty of people who have "it", but don't put enough truth and feeling into their songs, and it shows. Greg Adkins has "it", but he also has the skills to let it shine.

I will be letting you know the moment his new CD is available, and I hope y'all will buy a copy, because it deserves to be heard.

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