Thursday, February 08, 2007


Hey y'all -
I'm in Greenwood, Indiana, on my way to Dayton, OH tonight for the 2nd night of a 5-night tour with Greg Adkins. We had a great first show last night, but I will tell you it is absolutely freezing up here!!! I'm not used to this weather, and somehow my sweatshirt is not quite doing the job... I can barely move my toes.
Here is a picture of me with a couple layers of sweatshirts, as we're loading Greg's car Thursday morning.
Greg and I spent the first day of the road trip going through his I-Pod. He's got about 5500 more songs than I do on mine... He's got some great stuff, like Nich Lachey and other legends :)

Well, we're off to Dayton, I'll post another blog later on the tour.

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