Friday, May 04, 2007

CD of the week - Jud Caswell, Blackberry Time

If you make a habit of reading my posts (and who doesn't?) you've heard me mention Jud Caswell before. If you don't trust my judgement in saying he's one of the very best indy singer/songwriters today, listen to these folks;
2006 Kerrville New Folk Winner, 2006 Wildflower Performing Songwriter Contest Winner and 2006 Boston Folk Festival Winner.
His new CD, 'Blackberry Time', which he handed to me at a hip-hop night club in Massachusetts (another story for another time), is stunning. He self-produced it, which normally I am very skeptical of. Most singer/songwriters do not do a very good job on their own records, but Jud did a fantastic job of recording and capturing his live sound, with all the warmth and intimacy, while making a compelling listen with great backup musicians.
He is a top-notch songwriter, my favorite tracks on the CD are 'For Sale', 'Blackberry Time' and 'What Ever Happened To Rob'.
I really encourage you to listen to it,, and considering purchasing a copy to help support a great singer/songwriter. (I'm sure he'll give me a percentage)

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