Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Northeast Tour Wrap-Up

I am back at home in the warm (hot) sunny south after 11 days on the road. After my weekend in the Boston area and New York (see last post) I headed down to the DC area. My friend Sam Hensley (www.samhensley.com) helped me set up 2 shows and offered some fine accomodations complete with ice cream, popcorn and Playstation football. He also took me out for some great pizza at a place in Alexandria called Generous George's. Next time you find yourself wandering around Alexandria looking for pizza, that is a place I would recommend.
On Wednesday night, I played in Rockville, MD at an event for Focus Music. Focus puts on folk concerts at a couple different venues around the DC area. I split the night with Maria Dunn, a singer/songwriter from Edmonton. We did an impromptu performance when she accompanied me on accordion on 'One Mississippi'. The show was held at a barbecue restaurant called O'Briens, and they had sweet tea! That's right, sweet tea in Maryland.
Friday, I headed down to Fredericksburg, VA for a writers-in-the-round series held at a music store/theater in historic downtown Fredericksburg. We had a great night, hosted by Bob Gramman, who after the show, gave us a tour of his guitar workshop. He builds beautiful guitars, check them out at http://www.bobgramann.com/.
The tour came to a close Saturday night in Columbia, MD with a house concert. I opened for Freebo & Photoglo at the Panzers House Concert Series. They put on a wonderful show, and I enjoyed the opportunity to play in front of such a wonderful audience.
I was a little disappointed that I didn't get to Columbia in time for lunch, becuase I found a mall that had a Pizzeria Uno right next to a Cheesecake Factory. Wow, that would have been a pretty special day!

Speaking of cheesecake however, my wonderful wife made me her famous candy bar cheesecake for my birthday. It is the greatest dessert in the world, with no real competition.

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