Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Swallow Hill!

Just home from a great trip out to Denver. The highlight of the trip was my gig at Swallow Hill. I got my start as a singer/songwriter at Swallow Hill Open Mics back in 12th grade. It is there that I saw Dave Crossland, an independent touring singer/songwriter, and realized that it was possible to do this for a living. I have never looked back since that night..
To be back as a headliner at Swallow Hill nearly 15 years later was such a thrill. I had a nearly full house, and they were a wonderful audience. The one and only Rob Seals joined me on stage, and his playing adds so much to the music.
I hope to be able to make Swallow Hill a regular tour stop in the years to come.

I also had 2 great house concerts on the Colorado tour. Acoustic Avenue in Longmont is a great series, many thanks to Bruce and Dale for having me back. I learned something very important that night... they now make vanilla cream hershey kisses! Wow, good stuff.

On Sunday night, some good friends of mine down in South Littleton hosted a house concert for me. It was their first time hosting, and they did a magnificent job of getting a great audience and creating a wonderful space for a concert.

I've got 2 days at home before I head off to Kerrville for my 4th appearance in the last 5 years as a New Folk Finalist.

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