Friday, March 09, 2007

Back up north...

I'm back up in Michigan. Thank goodness it's about 40 degrees warmer than last month! I got up here this afternoon, and just finished a house concert at my friend Shelley's house, whom I met about 8 years ago at The Java House in Conyers, GA. (notice, I just used the word "whom", and I believe that was gramatically correct). She had never hosted a house concert before, and she and her husband John were great hosts and had a nice crowd. Here's a photo from the show taken by Shelley with me, and some of the backs of the heads of her friends.
Tomorrow night I'll be back at the wonderful Trinity House Theater in Livonia, MI, one of the coolest venues anywhere. I'm opening for Rachel Davis, a fantastic songwriter, she won the Telluride Troubadour Contest back in '03 when I was a finalist.
I'm taking some pictures on this trip to put up here on the blog, but I have one of those very old digital cameras (can digital cameras be old already?) that uses floppy disks, and my laptop doesn't have a floppy drive, so you'll have to wait till I get home to see all the excitement the Midwest has to offer.

I'll be writing again soon, maybe when I get to Chicago Sunday I'll let you know about the pizza!

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