Thursday, March 15, 2007

Life is good in Southern Illinois!

I've had a great couple of days in Southern Illinois. Yesterday was one of the greatest food days of all time. It began at lunch with a trip to 17th Street Bar&Grill in Murphysboro. You may recall they were the winner of the Dave Potts 2005 Best Ribs Award. In addition to that prestigious award, they are also the only 3-time winner of the Memphis In May Rib Contest, which many people may actually consider to be a bigger deal than the DP Awards :)
I had a full slab of their delicious baby back ribs. It's also just far enough south that they have swet tea.

That would normally be enough food for one day, but at dinner I got invited to a local pizza joint called Quatro's. You know I am picky about my pizza, let me tell you I was not disappointed.
Their famous deep dish pizza was fantastic. I have a souvenier cup to commemorate my visit! The mischevious looking guy with the cheese dripping from his hat is Quatro's logo. I guess that's Mr. Quatro himself.

Another reason why Southern Illinois is such a great place to be, is because of one of my favorite radio stations, WDBX in Carbondale. They have 3 folk shows that air weekly, and I played live on 2 of them yesterday, Folk Fiasco and Special Folks. It is very hard for an independent, acoustic artist to find radio support, and WDBX goes above and beyond the call of duty.

If all that weren't enough, I've also had a couple great night of jamming with other musicians. The host of Red Bud Hill House Concert, where I'm performing tonight, is in a band called the Bone Dry River Band. They were over last night, and i sat in for a few songs (even got to play some bass), and they backed me up on a couple of Chris Knight tunes. There is yet another songwriter in the house, JP Jones, a poet-songwriter from Rhode Island, and we had a song circle Tuesday night.
It's been a great trip, and that's even before tonight's house concert, which I'm very much looking forward to.
Tomorrow I'm headed back to the big city up north where the wind blows cold and the pizza crust is thick. Very, very thick!

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