Monday, March 12, 2007

Michigan, Chicago and the pizza bowl

I'm writing today from Maquoketa, IA, I'm staying with my friends Scott and Michelle Dalziel. ( I came in last night from Chicago, where I played a library concert series in Rolling Meadows. Kip Rainey, who is a great mandolin player from the band Tanglewood, joined me on stage. Kip used to live in Auburn and we played some gigs together many years ago. He also appears on my 'County Line Road' CD. It was a blast to play with him again, and he'll be at my show this coming Friday night as well.
Before the gig, I ate at the Chicago Pizza Company, home of the original Pizza Bowl. It was pretty crazy, it was just what it sounds like, a big bowl of pizza.. The bowl itself was made out of pizza dough, and filled with pizza ingredients, with the cheese on top. On Friday on my way back through Chicago, I plan to find a Giordano's. I'm sure you'll hear about that!

Saturday night, I was at the Trinity House Theater opening for Rachel Davis. It was a great night, I could play that venue every night... Rachel is a GREAT performer, with an amazing voice, if you have a chance to see her, you definitely should. ( Here's a picture of the stage at Trinity House.

There is a little snow on the ground here in Iowa, but is melting as we speak, as I continue to hit some nice Midwestern weather.
Tomorrow morning, I'm off to Carbondale/Murphysboro, IL, I'll give you an update from there.

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